Over the past 8 years we have assembled a unique team of designers, developers and strategists that create amazing solutions for amazing companies with impact on a global scale.

Our roots

Treeline was founded in December of 2004 in Lake Tahoe, California with the primary objective of creating interactive rich media resources for destination resorts. Since then, we've migrated to San Diego becoming an industry leader in web and mobile application development.

Shiny objects

The true measure of success is with qualitative metrics but once in a while it sure is nice to get a pat on the back from your peers. Over the years we have been fortunate to win a number of awards for a diverse set of our creations.

Home sweet home

We were born out of the mountains but have stretched our roots to the beach. While the Treeline team spans the world, we gratefully designate San Diego, California as our home.

Geek, sheik

Acceptance into a tribe is a right of passage that allows individuals to connect with peers. Our tribe is diverse but the Treeline team is unified by a common goal: empowering people with technology and simple, elegant solutions.


  • Jake Fields

    Founder & CEO

    Jake is responsible for managing the strategic growth of Treeline through acquisition of clients like ESPN and Viacom while building the internal human assets for streamlined fulfillment. His background in both technology and user experience allows him to pair key emerging technologies with innovative design to maximize the user experience of client products. Prior to Treeline Jake worked at Motive Advertising through their 10m in funding, leading the creative direction and product design of their proprietary affiliate advertising system. Before that he worked in the interactive industry producing online products for pharmaceutical and manufacturing clients.

  • Don Son

    VP Operations

    Don leads our operations and product development here at Treeline Interactive. He works with our clients to cultivate innovative ideas and guide them through the design and development stages. Having worked as a Product Manager for multiple Alexa Top 500 websites, Don brings a wide breadth of internet business knowledge to our projects. Being involved in many aspects of the digital experience for over 10 years, Don provides a holistic view of digital to our projects in marketing technology, large scale consumer products, and commerce.

  • Joe Austin

    VP Business Development

    Joe manages business development at Treeline and also helps manage projects that have complex infrastructure. Having created multiple successful software products, he understands the business behind great technology. He is probably best known as the CEO and co-founder of Miva, an e-commerce leader that he sold to a mid-cap public company. Early in his career at TeamLink Corp., he designed a client/server technology that was, among other things, used as the basis for the Integrated Subcontractor Management of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile program at General Dynamics.

  • Geoff Bardot

    Business Integration

    At Treeline Geoff works with new and existing clients to gather business requirements and goals, to which he generates actionable plans for production kickoff of business workflow solutions. Geoff specializes in enterprise sales and business process technology integration, integrating forward facing technology within legacy business workflows. Geoff has over 8 years of experience working in Apple’s corporate offices in a range of positions from sales to internal support. While on a break from Apple, Geoff also worked with Jake at Motive Interactive managing advertising inventory fulfillment.

  • Carter Casner

    Product Strategy Manager

    Carter manages product strategy, technical planning and project execution for Treeline projects of all types. He is able to quantify business goals and implement consumer-facing strategies that drive conversions by leveraging product value propositions to meet user desires. Prior to Treeline Carter focused on product development at Venture-backed Mogl, a transaction based mobile consumer loyalty and rewards business. Before that he worked at MojoPages where he was responsible for product marketing and implementation of gaming mechanics.

  • Thomas Minaai

    Product Strategy Manager

    At Treeline Thomas manages the product development lifecycle for both internal innovative and large scale client solutions. His experience in technical planning combined with his background in user experience design allows him to inject a hands on holistic approach to the interactive projects Treeline takes on. Drawing from system implementations with large corporations like ESPN, MTV, and The Active Network, big picture is something he helps every client re-imagine. Prior to Treeline Thomas spent his time in the agency world and on the front lines for Apple.

From The Team

  • Jen Farrow

    "Treeline is the creative platform where your needs meet our innovation to put technology to work for you."

  • Vikas Sharma

    "GAME CHANGER! That's what people call me at Treeline. Our vision is to control everything via a small device in your pocket (aka smart phone), from garage doors to satellites. The idiot-proofing of ideas and amazing applications we comes up with is why people are excited about the company and its potential."

  • Kat Caballa

    "If you combine technology, ambition, and a fun group of people, you get Treeline. We're problem solvers by day, creative thinkers by night, and asleep with our heads resting on our keyboards by sunrise."

  • Cara Nocero

    "Treeline is a dynamic environment to be a part of and what makes it special here is working with a group of dedicated and creative individuals who come together as a great team. We have shared values and passions and we want to drive improvement in industries that we care about."

  • Sergio Fernandez

    "With an innovative idea our designers, strategists and developers can see in detail a future end product, and come up with a way to make it happen. We are energized by the steady and deliberate journey of transformation- from the vision to the implementation."