Are you ready to take your business or product to the next level? Do you want to disrupt or change your industry? Do you want to build something that really matters?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Treeline Interactive has been helping everyone from startups to enterprise companies develop game-changing products for more than 10 years now.

And we’ll not only design your product - we’ll build it too. We build software and hardware solutions.

Our dedicated team of award-winning developers, designers, engineers, and strategists build mobile apps and wearables, solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), including hardware, and complex web applications.

Companies come to Treeline for creative breakthroughs and technical leaps forward. Whether you want to supplement your team’s expertise on new ventures or scope a project from start to finish, Treeline can help.

We work with industry-leading companies in fields like medical devices, beauty, action sports, logistics, and entertainment. We enjoy being the agile team that helps corporations radically reinvent themselves and the supportive structure that helps startups iterate and get to market.

Unique solutions require unique individuals, and we have attracted the best. Our team is willing to do almost anything to make an impact. We’re serious. Our comprehensive testing has required them to jump out of planes, surf, snowboard, survey from a helicopter, and manage data from the Arctic. All in a day’s work!

As a company, we’re also raising environmental awareness with tree planting, green ride services, and our fleet of skateboards. We have a great office space a block from the beach in beautiful San Diego, and we want to do everything we can to keep it that way.

Our goal is to profoundly change how people interact with the world around them. We hope you’ll join us.


  • Jake Fields

    Founder & CEO

    Jake is an experienced leader in the world of technical product development. Leveraging his background in technology and user experience, he has led Treeline to implement solutions for a broad range of companies across a multitude of industries and technologies.

    Prior to founding Treeline, Jake worked at Motive Advertising through their 10m in funding, leading the creative direction and product design of their proprietary affiliate advertising system. Jake's experience also includes senior executive experience in the interactive industry producing online products for pharmaceutical and manufacturing clients.

  • Don Son

    VP Operations

    Don leads operations and product development for Treeline. He works with clients to cultivate innovative ideas and guide them through the design and development stages.

    Having worked as a product manager for multiple Alexa Top 500 websites, Don brings an amplitude of internet business knowledge to our projects. Being involved in many aspects of the digital experience for over ten years, Don provides a holistic view of the digital landscape to our projects in marketing technology, large scale consumer products, and commerce.

  • Joe Austin

    VP Business Development

    Joe runs corporate and business development. He focuses on seamless relations with all clients and also manages strategic ties with select marketing partners. His career chain started in the early 80's with combined software and hardware engineering on heterogeneous platforms that included Unix as a core piece.

    Since that time, Joe has built, deployed, and sold several platforms, including Miva, which is still widely recognized as a major e-commerce leader. Always approachable, Joe is comfortable with bridging the gap between deep technical issues and high level business requirements.

  • Scott Kopchinsky

    Director of Engineering

    Scott oversees system and application architecture, code review, and leads our developer teams. His talent as an engineer and management acumen make him uniquely suited for the diverse range of projects at Treeline.

    Before joining Treeline, Scott built his career working with multiple Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Sony, Siemens, and NBC. With senior level experience across multiple domains including web development, server administration, information services, and a particular interest in user experience design, he brings a broad perspective to Treeline’s engineering services.

  • Carter Casner

    Director of Project Management

    Carter leads the project management team and oversees the project and product planning process for Treeline. His experience in Agile project management brings immense value to the discipline and structure of how Treeline approaches projects of varying size and scope.

    Carter has a diverse background, most recently having worked on marketing and product development at venture-backed company Mogl, a mobile, transaction-based consumer loyalty and rewards business. He also worked at MojoPages where he was responsible for product marketing and implementing game mechanics to drive user engagement.

  • Thomas Minaai

    Director of Product Strategy

    At Treeline, Thomas leads the product development lifecycle and strategic approach for Treeline's projects. His experience in technical planning and background in user experience design make him an invaluable asset to the team.

    Thomas has a talent for helping clients progress creatively while achieving business objectives. His experience includes system implementations for global clients like ESPN, MTV, and The Active Network.

  • Cara Nocero

    Operations Manager

    Cara has been instrumental in planning and managing many of our internal operations. She is responsible for business and financial activities, streamlining processes, and facilitating the growth of our organization.

    Before Treeline, Cara worked in corporate and nonprofit organizations, among multiple departments of finance, business reporting, and analysis. She has degrees in economics and business and has worked as an international volunteer. Cara’s character and work ethic is greatly influenced by her longtime love for the sport of rugby, both as a player and a coach.

  • Tim Homuth

    Strategy Director

    Tim manages strategy planning and marketing technology for Treeline. He works with our clients and internal teams to ensure product development efforts align with marketing and business objectives. His experience taking products from concept to market provides strategic business guidance to all our projects.

    In his career, Tim has worked with many major brands and startups. At Treeline, he provides value for our clients by applying his entrepreneurial and new product development experience to new business models and technical solutions.

Home Sweet Home

We were born out of the mountains but have stretched our roots to the beach. While the Treeline team spans the world, we gratefully designate San Diego, California as our home.

Our Roots

Founded in the mountains of Lake Tahoe in 2004, we’ve since moved to the shores of San Diego, which we gladly call home. For over ten years we’ve helped companies ranging from medical device innovators to destination resorts to sports conglomerates modernize their businesses and bring new products to market.

Industry Awards

The true measure of success is with qualitative metrics but once in a while it sure is nice to get a pat on the back from your peers. Over the years we have been fortunate to win a number of awards for a diverse set of our creations.