Facebook can make any website, game, app, etc viral on the internet. With the launch of Facebook Markup Language (FBML) and fan pages it gives companies the chance to get their identity in the face of users. But the use of Facebook means you have to follow their rules. And everyone knows that Facebook is famous for changing their mind (guidelines) quite often. For example, they decided that 720px was way too wide for FBML pages, and 520px was the new limit. Facebook was nice enough to give you a warning a few months before but I’m sure there were a bunch of FBML pages that were thrilled to adhere to this narrow-minded decision (Treeline Included, click here to view our FB Fan Page done in FBML).

Half a year later Facebook decided that FBML was far too limiting; introduced earlier this year was iFrame Apps. We can now take any page (javascript, flash, html, css, the works) and slap it in our fan pages. As long as you stay within the grid (520px wide by 800px tall) you are good to go. Anyone who didn’t know the previous framework is jumping for joy.(Myself included)

Just goes to show that the mighty FB controls a portion of the web. So much in fact that majority of companies in TV commercials don’t even give their company URL, they give their Facebook URLs. Can you imagine what that means for iFrames? It can become a companies entire website! And why not, they give you the ability to and you can even like it. Who needs SEO, you are usually in the top ten for it anyway. Once you can get past the “My Company Name | Facebook” title that pops up in Google, you are golden. So the whole idea may not be as sexy as having your own site but Facebook is the in and whether you like it or not, you better Obey Facebook.

Need an Example? Check out the newest Fan Page we just launched using the new iFrame Feature for Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort. Click Here.

Thomas Minaai
Digital Product Manager