Sense4Baby: Wireless Fetal Monitoring

West Health in combination with Sense4Baby Inc. came to us to help them build the software infrastructure for the Sense4Baby Fetal Monitoring platform. One of their main goals was to reduce cost and increase accessibility of prenatal care in rural areas and developing nations. With clinical trials scheduled for Mexico in partnership with the Carlos Slim Institute, quality and time to market were extremely important. To meet their goals we attacked with simultaneous development paths addressing the cloud storage system, HIPAA privacy, device integration, and off-the-grid mobile application functionality.

Android and Web Application

To allow for in-the-field data collection followed by physician review of test sessions, we created a native Android client and a browser based EMR.

HIPAA Compliance

As this was a medical application, it was imperative to develop an application and database ecosystem that adhered to the strict guidelines of HIPAA for protection of personal data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Maintaining synchronization of data and managing workflow between multiple physicians was achieved through a series of integrated cloud APIs.

Bluetooth Device Integration

To assess the health of the mother and baby we leveraged Bluetooth to connect to the primary ultrasound unit in addition to two other health monitoring devices. This gave us a full view of fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate, uterine contractions, blood pressure and glucose levels.