Online Registration Center

Secure and Personalization

As the world’s premier action sports event, ESPN X Games plays host to a wide range of high profile professional athletes, making security of information a top priority. We combined our experience with both HIPPA compliant medical EHR development with E-Commerce best practices to implement a secure data authentication workflow.

Each athlete also participates in one of many unique events, making a personalized environment a must. We worked hard with ESPN to create an athlete experience that presents each user with the information that matters most to them.


With all the moving parts of in international primetime broadcast event, coordination with over 300 stars seems like an impossible task. To help improve this process we introduced the ability for event management to send out segmented or per athlete communications via email, SMS, and Push.

Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

To provide athletes convenient access to event information and time sensitive push notifications, we created iPhone and Android applications that sync with each athlete’s account. The application could also be dynamically reconfigured and rebranded for each of the six global events.

Event Management

For event organizers, planning and pre event coordination are an essential part of the process. To help provide the best information for decision making, we offered powerful analytics tools that managed participants at all levels. The system also allowed for the coordination of event staff schedule and geolocation of valuable event assets.