Our Company

Whether you’re ready to build your business from scratch, or simply incubate and test something different, Treeline has the experience and flexibility to help you launch your product.

With nearly 15 years of experience in hardware and software, and a full-stack team of developers, designers, engineers, and strategists, Treeline has built everything from mobile apps to wearables, iOT solutions with custom hardware and embedded systems, to complex web applications. Together with your vision and our talented team of experts, we’re here to build your dream into a functional product.

Companies come to Treeline for creative breakthroughs and technical leaps forward. Some of our clients are startups looking to supplement their processes with experienced mentorship and developers on hand. Others are enterprise companies seeking out Treeline’s fresh perspective and ingenuity, hitting the ground running with our agile approach, lightning fast problem solving, and ample resources.

Our unique role allows us to shape shift and take on projects of all sizes and budgets. We have offices both in sunny San Diego and in historical Krakow, Poland, and can adapt to the needs of customers accordingly, abroad and locally. And Treeline’s clients work across a wide market of industries, ranging from action sports to transportation, industrial monitoring to aeronautics, medical equipment to beauty, and so much more. Be sure to check out our case studies for in depth examples!

Treeline’s mission is to profoundly change how people interact with the world around them, while remaining true to our roots of running at startup speed


  • Jake Fields


    Jake Fields is a leader in tech product development and IoT infrastructure. He co-founded his first tech company at the age of 22. His sophomore company was Treeline Interactive, started in the mountains of Lake Tahoe in 2004 with a bare bones team of 12 developers and engineers. Now, nearly 15 years later, Treeline Interactive has successfully grown and spun-off to 3 separate entities that Jake oversees and manages as the CTO: Treeline, and its new sister companies Avimesa, and Platform Science.

    Jake has leveraged his personality, telematics experience, and entrepreneurship to build a distinctive company brand that embraces the Southern California lifestyle of creativity, recreation, and flexibility. His leadership has spawned innovation movements in manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, entertainment and the medical industry; partnering with public and private sector leaders including: ESPN, Viacom, L’Oreal, PWC, Schneider, Lilly, Carlos Slim institute, the FDA and NASA.

    Beyond his professional advancements in the office, Jake had also lectured on the topic of digital innovation while providing advanced career mentorship for university students at various colleges, including San Diego State and University of California San Diego. Jake is also an avid adventurer and athlete, enjoying snowboarding, hiking, big wave surfing, and other action sports.

  • Carter Casner

    VP of Operations

    Carter Casner has worked in many different roles across the production team at Treeline since joining in 2012. His experience in project and product management brings immense value to the discipline and structure of how Treeline approaches projects of varying size and scope. The team’s agile approach and dedication can be attributed to Carter’s day to day leadership.

    Prior to Treeline, Carter worked for venture-backed San Diego startup Mogl (now Empyr), a mobile transaction-based consumer loyalty and rewards business. He also worked for MojoPages, where he was responsible for product marketing and implementing game mechanics to drive user engagement. Carter’s diverse background in marketing and product development brings a unique perspective to his management style, demanding measurable benchmarks from his team and ensuring the highest quality communication with Treeline’s clients.

    In his spare time Carter loves skiing, surfing, spear fishing, and spending time trying to get his daughter and wife to love those things as well.

  • Mark Adkins

    Director of Engineering

    Mark is a seasoned technical leader with over 15 years experience building software and hardware projects in the commercial and public sectors. Mark has led successful launches of several platforms utilizing modern languages and frameworks across many technical domains including IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), medtech, robotics, and telematics. Mark brings a strong engineering background with a master’s degree (Electrical Engineering) from Rutgers University with a focus in Computer Vision

    While at Treeline Mark leads technical architecture, development, and integration with a focus on building scalable, well-architected software and hardware. As the Director of Engineering Mark defines company engineering policies including coding standards, development and deployment workflows (CI/CD), and overall quality of engineering output.

    While he is not coding Mark likes to spend time with his family by traveling the world and enjoying the outdoors. Mark is an avid snowboarder, sailor, skateboarder and runner.

  • Thomas Minaai

    Director of Product Strategy

    Thomas Minaai leads the product development lifecycle and strategic approach for Treeline's projects. His experience in technical planning and background in user experience design make him an invaluable asset to the leadership team. Thomas’ use of design thinking helps come up with strategic and creative solutions throughout the company.

    Thomas has a talent for helping clients progress creatively while achieving business objectives by leading ongoing project strategy documentation and progress messaging for internal and client facing projects.

    His experience includes system implementations for global clients like ESPN, MTV, and The Active Network. Thomas uses his passion for music, concerts, art galleries to fuel his creative solutions.

  • Cara Nocero

    Director of Operations

    Cara Nocero has been instrumental in planning and managing all Treeline operations. She is responsible for business and financial activities, streamlining processes, and facilitating the growth of our organization. Before Treeline, Cara worked in corporate and nonprofit organizations, among multiple departments of finance, business reporting, and analysis. She has degrees in economics and business and has worked as an international volunteer. Cara’s character and work ethic is greatly influenced by her longtime love for the sport of rugby, both as a player and a coach.

  • Anna Królikowska

    Operations Manager- Kraków

    Anna has lead teams at both Fortune 500 companies and cutting-edge tech start-ups before joining Treeline to head our European office operations. She is a Certified Scrum Master, lifelong learner, and agile teacher who is unmatched at managing organizations in high growth environments. Anna speaks publicly on organisational culture, diversity and inclusion.

Treeline Family

Our Roots

Founded in the mountains of Lake Tahoe in 2004, we’ve since moved to the shores of San Diego. Now we find ourselves expanding, with an office in Krakow, Poland, and numerous Treeline consultants stationed across the US in Los Angeles, Austin, and more. For 15 years we’ve helped companies ranging from medical device innovators, to transportation fleets, to large scale sporting events modernize their business and bring new products to market.

Industry Awards

While the true measure of success is seeing Treeline projects launched and thriving, we have humbly accepted several awards and recognition for our products over the years. Here are a few of them!