Native Android App Development

A native app is one that is built specifically for it is intended platform. The advantages of native apps are noticeable in mobile apps that utilize Android device hardware and native controls. We design and develop native Android apps to meet the requirements and guidelines set forth by Google.

  • Design: Enhanced user experience
  • Development: Built native, built for performance
  • Measure and Deploy: Analytics and Google Play support

Our experience and expertise are your assurance that you go to market with an Android app that delights your audience.

Android Mobile Apps

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones. This makes Android mobile apps a must for any business with the goal of reaching the largest portion of the mobile market.

Unlike the iPhone, Android devices vary in design between manufacturers. This makes it crucial to account for multiple user interfaces when building for Android. Our design and development process ensures that your Android mobile app gives all of your audience an incredible user experience.

Android Tablet Apps

Tablets using the Android operating system are more affordable, providing accessibility to a broad market. Much of the custom development we do with Android tablets involves Android Custom ROMS. As an open source project, Android is an ideal platform to use when creating experiences for a primary use device like a business application or an interactive guest experience.

Android Wear Apps

Wearables are an enormous opportunity, and Treeline is your key to unlocking the potential for you business. Understanding the nuanced details of how people interact with wearables is critical for UX design. Our office is full of gadget geeks, and we've been using, testing and improving upon wearables since the first day they hit the market.

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