Native iOS App Development

We design and develop native iOS apps to meet the requirements and guidelines set forth by Apple. Our experience and expertise are your assurance that you go to market with an iPhone or iPad app that is met with delight by your end users.

  • Best Performance: Speed and access to all hardware features
  • Design: User experiences that iPhone user are accustomed to
  • Offline Mode: Users have access to app data when offline

Companies choose to partner with Treeline for iOS development because of our experience, proven process, and dedication to quality.

iPhone & iPad Centric Environment

iPhone users spend considerably more money on apps and in-app purchases. This makes developing for iPhone the preferred platform for many businesses targeting early adopters and affluent customers.

  • Engaged Users
  • Analytics
  • iOS User Interface Principles

Developing for the iPad is an opportunity to expand upon the accessibility of your iPhone mobile app or can be the vehicle to create an altogether unique experience. Advancements made by Apple in the hardware and operating system of the iPad have opened new doors to what is possible in consumer and enterprise apps.

Apple Watch Development

The Apple Watch makes access to notifications and controls easier than ever. Developing an app for the Apple Watch can make an app even more desirable to a group of early tech adopters. It can also be the necessary component of an innovative medical, fitness, or Internet of Things product.


AppleTV Apps

Developing an app for the tvOS platform creates opportunities to engage audiences in a unique way at home.  With the built-in App Store, your customers can now discover and engage with you in all new ways.

We help our clients expand their existing iOS apps to include an Apple TV presences as well as reimagine new experiences that take full advantage of the tvOS unique features.

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