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The luxury climbing Gym Brooklyn Boulders contacted Treeline to assist in incorporating cutting edge technologies into their suite of offerings. Utilizing a combination of custom hardware and software solutions, Treeline deployed several dynamic climbing walls which incorporate LEDs and pressure sensors into the holds. These walls are controlled by an iPad app which allows route setters to create dynamic climbing routes and fitness routines.



Brooklyn Boulders



Internet of Things


Scope of Work

Hardware, iOS and Web



Brooklyn Boulders wanted an interactive way for climbers to engage with the indoor climbing wall that could sense and react to the climbers actions and tracking their performance.

Brooklyn Boulders Arcade Climbing


Treeline developed a custom hardware and software climbing technology that reacts to climbers’ movements, creating endless interactive problems, circuits, games, self-guided training, and partner climbs.

Brooklyn Boulders Arcade Climbing Solo

Technical Approach

When working on the project we focused on identifying the best hardware and technology to connect to the sensors and LED's of the wall, communicate effectively to the controller, display user-friendly UX and scalable cloud architecture.

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Technical Stack

Treeline developed a PSPICE designed PCB backed with with custom analog control circuitry powering the wall controller. The iPad application was built using best practices with Swift. The backend service allowed for saving routes, classes and performance metrics of the climbers for future analysis and sharing with the climbers.

Brooklyn Boulders Arcade Climbing

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