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Innovative Hardware & Software Solutions for Transportation & Logistics Firms

Treeline has worked to build out and develop numerous innovative, and technologically ground-breaking enterprise and telematic platform management systems and applications. Our experience allows us to offer a complete solution for clients looking for better management and tracking of assets.


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Next-Generation Solutions

Treeline plays a key role in advancing the future of the in-cab experience and digital transformation and consolidation of our supply chain. Looking forward at the future of logistics, we have developed integrations that allow companies to acquire, store, and monitor valuable data, and next-generation software solutions that allow businesses to view and leverage that data like never before. Our experience puts us in a unique position to help future-proof your business through technological advancements in:

Enterprise Fleet Tracking and Management

Asset Tracking & Heat-Mapping

AI Readiness


Having assisted in the development of everything from initial concepts and MVPs to launching market-ready, enterprise-level platforms, we are lucky to be able to work with global brand name clients, along with early-stage logistics market innovators such as:


In-Cab Solutions

Treeline has the skill sets necessary to deliver exceptional in-cab experience for OEMs updating their fleet in partnership with next generation Tier 1’s. Treeline has worked throughout the ecosystem and stack. Building from metal, up to the digital interface and understanding what a great HMI experience is and how it works within the vehicle.

Treeline’s experience designing for the driver and delivering for the customer have set it apart as a premiere product development partner.

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