Web Application Development

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We offer expertise in developing cutting edge web applications from scratch based on client requirements using modern technologies and frameworks. We design intuitive, responsive and visually appealing user interfaces (UI) optimizing the user experience (UX) and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Database Management (Postgres / Mongo)

Serverless (Lambda / Cloud Functions)


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Tech Stack

We develop RESTful and GraphQL API's that have been used by both internal and external teams. We develop for developers with robust documentation like Swagger and Docusaurus making sure the product can scale. On the frontend we love React, but will use Vue, Angular and even plain HTML5 depending on the project. We believe programming languages are tools and we have our preferences (Typescript) but will use Python, PHP, Java/Kotlin and other languages when needed.

E-Commerce Solutions (Shopify / Stripe)

Headless CMS Solutions (Contently / STRAPI)


Content Management Systems

From enterprise sites to product launch promotions, clean, clear, and simple content administration is key. Here at Treeline, we evaluate each project’s needs and decide on the best tools for the job. Whether it’s using an open-source solution like WordPress/Drupal or a custom headless solution (Gatsby), we’ve got your back and the experience to make you successful


OWASP Secure Coding Practices

As a product and engineering team we believe in adhering to best practices in how we design, develop and deploy our applications. Our developers practice gitflow where we require peer reviews via pull requests, and run static code analysis through our CI/CD processes. Software has a lifecycle and its imperative that it is always challenged via penetration tests to insure security, and robustness for the system.

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