Android Development

Native Android App Development

We design and develop native Android apps to meet the requirements and guidelines set forth by Google. Our experience and expertise are your assurance that you go to market with an Android phone or tablet app that is met with delight by your end users.

Companies choose to partner with Treeline for Android development because of our experience, proven process, and dedication to quality.

Best Performance: Speed and access to all hardware features

Design: User experiences that iPhone user are accustomed to

Sensors: Users have access to latest hardware features


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Android Phone Apps

Android is the most popular operating system globally for smartphones. This makes Android mobile apps a must for any business with the goal of reaching the largest portion of the mobile market across the globe.

Unlike the iPhone, Android devices vary in design between manufacturers. This makes it crucial to account for multiple user interfaces when building for Android. Our design and development process ensures that your Android mobile app gives all of your audience an incredible user experience.

Android Tablet Apps

Tablets using the Android operating system are more affordable, providing accessibility to a broad market. Enterprises often look to leverage self-managed tablets with custom software for their employees and other managed solutions. Android allows for easy sideloading of applications so enterprises at a much lower cost than Apple devices. Android is an ideal platform to use when creating experiences for a primary use device like a business application or an interactive guest experience.

Android Automotive and Android Auto

Google continues to grow its footprint into the logistics and transportation industries while OEM’s and industry leaders look to leverage new technologies like Android Automotive to manage their in-vehicle experience for their drivers. Treeline Interactive is at the forefront of developing in-vehicle applications and also managing the difficult hands-free regulatory limitations of these screens.

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